My favourite suit colour is blue


“My favourite suit colour is blue and there has never been more blues to choose from for your wardrobe.”

Sometimes I get asked “Tom, I love your store, but it’s all the way in Kensington Market! Why Kensington Market?”.

It’s true, our store is not in the most convenient location. The streets are narrow and parking is a pain in the butt.

But, I have a history here in the market that you may not be aware of.

I arrived here from Hungary with my mother in 1968 and recall my first days working at my father’s modest used clothing store, then called William’s Bargain Store.

My father and his colleagues in the market were extremely hard- working. Wonderful people – truly wonderful.

After school, I would join my father at the store and help him sell shirts, jackets, trousers and ties. I learned some crucial lessons at that age, and will never forget the warmth and opportunity offered to me by all of the generous merchants in the market at that time.

So, when I took over what is now Tom’s Place back in 1981 I decided to stay in Kensington Market. And as my store expanded in capacity, our loyal customer base and roots in this rich and unique community have expanded and grown stronger.

I’d like to think that some things never go out of style. Like when I take another 10% off a top quality suit as our customer is getting ready to cash out. That never gets old. We encourage our customers to come in and haggle, like the old days. Try doing that on a website or in a fancy location downtown!

Upcoming Events

We have a BIG Warehouse sale the week of Oct. 17th at the International Centre from October 19th – 23rd. Everyone is welcome and parking is FREE!! And the deals, the deals will be unbeatable.

Some Things Never Go Out Of Style….

In menswear, there will always be trends. This is the one constant. But, if you are looking for a long term, quality investment in your wardrobe, there are certain pieces that are what I consider to be “timeless”.

The Side Vented 2-Button Suit

Left: Side Vented 2 Button Suit from Tom’s Place in Grey
Right:Tyler Quick, Battle of the Suits organizer, sporting a classic black tux

A must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The side vented 2 button suit has been everywhere from the tiff red carpet to fashion week.

These single breasted suits are well tailored with higher arm holes and a shorter jacket, which gives the suit a slimmer fit.

We have a wide selection of Italian and Canadian made suits. The jackets are softer and with a less structured construction. Very popular in our store and will be a wonderful complement to your business wardrobe.

Dress Shirts For Every Occasion


The Wall Of Dress Shirts at Tom’s Place

Our selection of dress shirts is second to none! We stock long and shorter than standard sleeve lengths and various neck sizes for guys that don’t have the “standard dimensions”.

And men’s dress shirts have come a long way. No longer do we have to put up with the starchy, scratchy variety that the men of generations past had to endure. We now have fabrics that are ready to wear and incredibly easy to care for.

If you find one that you like, why not get 3 more in different colours or patterns? A well-made and well-fitted dress shirt never goes out of style.


Find Exceptional Shoes For A Great Price At Tom’s Place

Exceptional Shoes

A great shoe can really make or break your look. In fact, most people (men and women) will judge you based on your shoes so you better put some effort into what goes on your feet!

The brown leather dress shoe has proven to be the preferred choice over the more formal black dress shoe for everyday wear. And you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to get a high-quality pair of shoes. We have some excellent dress shoes made from Italian leather that look fantastic, for a fraction of the price you would find in some men’s shoe stores.

It’s All In The Pocket Square


The year of the pocket square continues At Tom’s Place

A great looking suit and tie can transform your look from average to amazing.

But, that is only part of the story.

How you wear that suit, the details from the cuff-links to the lapel pin play an important role in this drama.

A beautifully made pocket square will add just the right hit of colour and pizzazz to any look. We have an incredible selection of fine Italian silk pocket squares to choose from. Why settle on one when you could have a whole shelf?

Every man wants to look good. Some men can do this effortlessly, others need to work at it.

No matter which category you fall under, when you enter Tom’s Place you get the VIP treatment. And that my friends, never goes out of style.


About Tom:

A leading retailer of designer men’s suits and accessories in Toronto’s Kensington Market since 1958. Tom’s Place offers brand name men’s wear and business apparel at below retail prices.

Tom’s Place is unique. You’ll get a friendly welcome from the owner, Tom Mihalik, and helpful service from his knowledgeable sales staff and tailors. Please come in and see us!


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October 19 – 23

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