“High-End” Suit Tips


Tom celebrating his 60th with his sons at the Cambridge Club, Sheraton Centre, Toronto.

“I like men in suits. Men in suits I think are so sexy. But I love men in suits who own their own businesses. That’s even sexier… I just love a guy who has his own thing going on and believes in it.”

Nadine Velazquez, American actress and model

When is the last time your better half told you how sexy you looked in your suit?

There is a certain kind of comfort in knowing that you are putting your best foot forward. As the American fashion designer Tom Ford once said, it’s a “psychological comfort”. I recall the first time I stepped out into the busy streets of Kensington market in my first suit and the way I felt. It was more than just a garment. It was psychological power. There was a pride in the way it fit, the way it felt.


Tom Sr., Leo Rautins and Tom Jr. during a fitting at Tom’s Place

The impression you make in a suit just can’t be compared to any other outfit…

Recently, we were visited by Leo Rautins, Canadian broadcaster and former professional basketball player who needed a new suit. Leo is a tall guy with an athletic build which can be tough to fit. To get the perfect fit we turned to a specific brand of suit that has never let us down, Corneliani.

Fortunately, we have an amazing selection of Corneliani suits but it got me thinking about what it is that makes a high-end, quality suit and why this particular brand of suit is so exceptional.

The Characteristics Of A High-End Suit

Let me introduce you to the highest quality suit you will ever own: Corneliani. Each garment is truly a work of art and interprets the traditional craftsmanship of Italian-made goods. There are 150 procedures and strict controls that go into creating a Corneliani suit.


There are 150 procedures and strict controls that go into creating a Corneliani suit. The interlinings of the jackets are sewn, as the rules of best tailoring traditions dictate.

Made with the finest of fabrics, each Corneliani suit jacket is lined with the softest, most luxurious material selected to provide excellent comfort and longevity.

The garment is 98% full canvas, stitched with no fusing. The fibers are treated so the suit will never shrink or lose it’s shape after it’s been dry cleaned, especially the hand-pressed lapel. Even the pants are made with comfort and style in mind with a notched waistband to expand and create more comfort when in a seated position.

To get a taste of the style and craftsmanship that this Italian designer puts into their garments you just have to try it on!

Tradition – Quality – Modernity

suit-tailor To experience a high-end suit, you must imagine a time when master suit makers would construct a jacket as though they were constructing a building. Where the foundation was as important as the facade.

High-end suits are not made by machines. There is no fusing in the fabrics, meaning there is no glue in the construction. Fusing can affect the way that the suit moves with the body and drapes on the body. Full canvas creates more air between the material and the body, for a more comfortable fit.

Recognizing Value For The Customer

A good suit is a worthwhile investment, and if it’s constructed with care will look good for many years. While you could easily spend $2,000 – $3,000 on a great Italian suit, fortunately at Tom’s Place we sell everything for much less. Typically, our prices are around 50% off regular retail. Yet we still have many of the top labels, including Corneliani and others, in a complete selection of colours, sizes and styles.

In most cases, your suit will need some alterations to create the perfect fit. At Tom’s Place, we often have up to 8 tailors in the back ready to measure and alter your new suit. Our store is vast and can be overwhelming without the help of one of our experienced professionals, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re looking for a fit that’s comfortable, smart and sharp, we have something for you. Tom’s Place has continuously grown for the last 50 years and we’re not stopping. We’ve added more rooms to the store to add more variety. Truly a great selection, nobody in the city carries as many suits as we do.

Here at Tom’s, you can get high-end merchandise for a reasonable price. Come by for a visit and see for yourself how a quality suit can transform your look and your life!


About Tom:

A leading retailer of designer men’s suits and accessories in Toronto’s Kensington Market since 1958. Tom’s Place offers brand name men’s wear and business apparel at below retail prices.

Tom’s Place is unique. You’ll get a friendly welcome from the owner, Tom Mihalik, and helpful service from his knowledgeable sales staff and tailors.

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