What is your story?

The #kensingtonmarketjazzfestival brings people out for a great weekend and we’re happy to see everyone come back year-round. There are cool things to see and do and great finds. Tom’s Place has been in the heart of Kensington since 1958 – a vibrant, moving place to be. 

Tom’s Place is more than shopping for suits. It’s the right shirt and tie to boost confidence for an interview; it’s the perfect tuxedo for you and your wedding party that won’t break the bank; it’s the patterned suit for the statement you want to make. The occasion behind the suit is why we love it – this store and you – when you’re looking for something to wear that will complete your story.

So thanks for the neighbourhood party, to all who helped, who participated and came. It’s an awesome place to be.

You are most welcome here so come and visit us anytime. Our great prices on designer men’s wear are worth seeing. Talk to us and see if we can help outfit your story.