Tuxedo Tips for the Groom


“In a Tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody.”

Dean Martin


We often get asked by grooms: Should I wear a tuxedo or a suit for my wedding? What is the difference?

The simple answer is that tuxedo’s usually have satin or grosgrain on the lapel, down the leg of the trousers and is present on details like buttons and pocket trim.

The more complex answer addresses what it is that makes wearing a tuxedo on your wedding day so important and special. Sure, you can look dapper and handsome in a beautiful suit, but this is your wedding day! If there was ever a time to bust out the tops and tails this is it!


Top 3 Tuxedo Tips For The Confused Groom


#1: Your Tuxedo Does Not Have To Be Black


You can’t deny that the classic “penguin” look of a black tuxedo on white dress shirt is pretty sharp. You also don’t want to limit yourself by assuming that you have to look like a penguin on your wedding day! We have beautiful tuxedos in shades of blue, grey and of course white (although, you don’t want to upstage your bride).


#2: Accessories Are Important


The formal look of a tuxedo is only partially due to the look and quality of the suit itself. Accessories like shoes, a vest or cummerbund, bow tie or tie, pocket squares and cuff links are as important as the suit itself.

Accessories are also a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest of your wedding party. A different coloured tie or style of vest can provide a subtle, more elevated look for the groom.


#3: It’s A What Lapel?


When you’re out shopping for your wedding attire, you may be thrown into a different world where the language is completely foreign. A good example of this is in the description of tuxedo jacket lapels. If you pay close attention to the various tuxedo jackets, you will notice that one of the defining characteristics of a tuxedo jacket is the lapel. Whether it be a satin shawl lapel, satin framed peak lapel or a narrow grosgrain notch lapel, they all have a different look and flavour. Be sure to pick the right lapel for your body type, age and style.

Tuxedos are timeless and worth the investment. Come by and talk to one of our wedding specialists. We’ll make sure you find the perfect suit for the best price. We carry tuxedos from many of the top brands. In fact, Tom’s Place was listed as one of the Top 10 Stores To Buy a Tuxedo In Toronto!

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